Thank you to everyone who participated in the February Open!

Congratulations to the following winners:

Under 1000:  


1st – Brian Walt  

2nd -Shuming Zhang


Under 1200:    


1st – Christopher Capewell  

2nd – Brian Walt


Under 1400 :


1st – Adam Kandel  

2nd – Myrna Nahas


Under 1650:


1st – Kodi Vonderau  

2nd – Schuyler Patton


Under 3000   Doubles:


1st – Shawn Cai/Frank Roth   

2nd – Zhenhua Xu/Shuming Zhang


Under 1800:


1st – Pavan Kumar   

2nd – Brian Hoffman


Under 2050:


1st – Dennis Brown  

2nd – Rich Burnside


Under 2300:


1st – Prasiddha Parthsarthy  

2nd – John Mark Wetzler




1st – Ying Lu  

2nd – Khaleel Asgarali






Thank you to everyone who participated in the October Trolley Car RR! Congratulations to the following winners:

Under 3000 Doubles:

1st place: San Maynard and Matt Sakaduski
2nd place: Kevin Ripp and Kodi Vonderau

Under 1200:

1st place: Ki Song
2nd place: Marcus Whitfield

Under 1400:

1st place: Barry Dancis
2nd place: Sean Maynard

Under 1650:

1st place: Kevin Ripp
2nd place: Dwan Hunt

Under 1800:

1st place: Andrew Snyder
2nd place: Michael Johnson

Under 2050:

1st place: Madhu Vinod Diwakar
2nd place: Abolaji Ogunshola

Under 2300:

1st place: Prasiddha Parthsarthy
2nd place: Shay Sinha


1st place: Bochao Li
2nd place: Hao Li


Prasiddha Parthsarthy
Shay Sinha

Registration for the October Philly Open is now open!

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Register now for the October Philly Open!

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August Round Robin Winners!!!

A big thanks goes out to everyone who participated in the August Trolley Car RR! Congratulations to the following winners:

Under 1700 Group A
1st place: Lou Schlessinger
2nd place: Mark Malench
3rd place: Kodi Vonderau

Under 1700 Group B
1st place: Shawn Cai
2nd place: Andrew Lewis

1st place: Shay Sinha
2nd place: Sai Vemuri
3rd place: Prasiddha Parthsarthy

August 22nd Philly Giant Round Robin

Sign up now for the August 22nd Philadelphia Giant Round Robin!

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Round robin


Our next even will be the November Philly Open on October 31st through November 1st.

Congrats to our 2015 PA State Closed Championship Winners!

pa closed 2015

Under 1000   1st: Peidan Liu  2nd: Caleb Watt

Under 1250   1st: Bradley Hagens  2nd: Nicholas Flor

Under 1500:  1st: Brady Weiss   2nd: Eugene Cristoaica

Under 1700:  1st: Martin Norman  2nd: Frank Roth

Under 1800:  1st  Yidi Wang  2nd: Sergey Guberman

Under 2050:  1st Alex Polyakov   2nd: Madhu Vinod Diwakar

Under 2300:  1st Allan Alva  2nd: Shay Sinha

Women’s Open:  1st Haruka Nishikawa  2nd Melissa Xu

Juniors Under 18:  1st Prasiddha Parthsarthy  2nd Shay Sinha

Over 40:  1st Steven Lowry  2nd: John Mark Wetzler

Over 50:  1st John Mark Wetzler  2nd: Steven Lowry

Over 70:  1st Dennis Spellman  2nd: Gary Kennedy

Under 3400 Doubles: 1st: Ronald Albright/Frank Roth  2nd: Brian Hoffman/TIm Hui

Open Doubles:  1st Rich Burnside/Steven Lowry  2nd: Alex Polyakov/Madhu Vinod Diwakar

Open Singles:  1st: Allan Alva  2nd: John Mark Wetzler  Semifinalists: Rich Burnside, Shay Sinha

Trolley Car TTC on Comcast SportsNet & Fox 29

infocusfox screen shot


A big week for the TT club on local TV – we were featured on both Comcast SportsNet & Fox 29!

Check out the videos here:

Fox 29

Comcast SportsNet


Dan Seemiller




Congrats to our February 2015 Philly Open Tourney Winners

Under 1000: 1st Nicholas Flor  2nd; Nicholas Kwass
Under 1200: 1st Yizhe Zhao  2nd: Krishna Ganti
Under 3000 Doubles: 1st: Eugene Cristoaica/Chip Rutan  2nd: Ivan D’Souza/Abolaji Ogunshola
Under 1400: 1st: Dwan Hunt  2nd: Krishna Ganti
Under 1650: 1st  Mat Sakaduski  2nd: Dwan Hunt
Under 1800: 1st Tim Hui  2nd: Chip Rutan
Under 2050: 1st Madhu Vinod Diwakar  2nd: Gideon Teitel
Under 2300: 1st Prasiddha Parthsarthy  2nd: Shay Sinha
Open Singles: 1st: Allen Wang  2nd: Amy Wang  Semifinalists: David Fernandez, Shay Sinha

And don’t forget to save the date for the rest of our 2015 tournaments!

April 18th & 19th - PA State Closed Championship
August 22nd – Giant Round Robin Tourney
October 31st & November 1st - Philly Open Tourney

Home of the PA State Closed Championship Tournament!

tuesday night leagueCapture


 Table Tennis featured in new Nike Just Do It video!

Check the 0:58 mark for Table Tennis action.



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2017 Tournaments

February 25-26: Philly Open

April 8-9: PA State Championships

June 3-4: Philly Open

August 5-6: Round Robin

October 28-29: Philly Open


TCTTC One-on-One Coaches
Khaleel Asgarali
Member of the Trinidad and Tobago Team 2005 National Men's Single Champion Trinidad and Tobago, Former Swedish League Player
Available Sundays 10am-3pm

Enoch Green
(call the club at (267) 335-2743 during open hours)

Choor Oh
Bio: Oh has represented the Malaysia Men's National Team at the 2001 World Table Tennis Championships in Osaka, Japan and the 2000 World Table Tennis Championships in Delhi, India. He won the 2002 Malaysia Open Men's Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles, and Team titles. His current rating is 2479 and highest rating is 2479

Gerald Reid
pinnacle_is1@yahoo.com or (267) 294-9382

Abolaji Ogunshola aogunshola@gmail.com (202) 302-1994 Laj specializes in coaching players who consider themselves unable to improve. Video review is a large component of his lessons.
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