Congrats to our 2015 PA State Closed Championship Winners!

pa closed 2015

Under 1000   1st: Peidan Liu  2nd: Caleb Watt

Under 1250   1st: Bradley Hagens  2nd: Nicholas Flor

Under 1500:  1st: Brady Weiss   2nd: Eugene Cristoaica

Under 1700:  1st: Martin Norman  2nd: Frank Roth

Under 1800:  1st  Yidi Wang  2nd: Sergey Guberman

Under 2050:  1st Alex Polyakov   2nd: Madhu Vinod Diwakar

Under 2300:  1st Allan Alva  2nd: Shay Sinha

Women’s Open:  1st Haruka Nishikawa  2nd Melissa Xu

Juniors Under 18:  1st Prasiddha Parthsarthy  2nd Shay Sinha

Over 40:  1st Steven Lowry  2nd: John Mark Wetzler

Over 50:  1st John Mark Wetzler  2nd: Steven Lowry

Over 70:  1st Dennis Spellman  2nd: Gary Kennedy

Under 3400 Doubles: 1st: Ronald Albright/Frank Roth  2nd: Brian Hoffman/TIm Hui

Open Doubles:  1st Rich Burnside/Steven Lowry  2nd: Alex Polyakov/Madhu Vinod Diwakar

Open Singles:  1st: Allan Alva  2nd: John Mark Wetzler  Semifinalists: Rich Burnside, Shay Sinha

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