August Round Robin Winners!!!

A big thanks goes out to everyone who participated in the August Trolley Car RR! Congratulations to the following winners:

Under 1700 Group A
1st place: Lou Schlessinger
2nd place: Mark Malench
3rd place: Kodi Vonderau

Under 1700 Group B
1st place: Shawn Cai
2nd place: Andrew Lewis

1st place: Shay Sinha
2nd place: Sai Vemuri
3rd place: Prasiddha Parthsarthy

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Khaleel Asgarali
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Available Sundays 10am-3pm

Abolaji Ogunshola
(202) 302-1994
Laj specializes in coaching players who consider themselves unable to improve. Video review is a large component of his lessons.

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